“How do we sit with people who are living with extended uncertainty?  Many cross-cultural workers are suffering at the moment. I’m finding it really hard”, said Rose*, a member care worker.  Her face twisted as she said this to her member care support group. Liz*, another member care worker, asked, “What do we say to … Continue reading Uncomfortable

Betwixt and Between

‘I can’t plan due to all the uncertainty! I don’t know if and when we can return to Peru’, exclaimed Simone*, who is talking to Liz*, her member care worker. Simone, her husband and their four children, have been back in Australia for over a year and were due for return to Peru months ago. … Continue reading Betwixt and Between

Dried up?

Marion* felt all dried up!   “Has God abandoned me?  I feel like God is very far away or maybe not even there at all?  I still go to church but it’s hard and I feel guilty about my lack of faith.  When I go to mission conferences, all the other ex-cross-cultural workers seem so … Continue reading Dried up?

Listening well?

“How can I listen better?”, asks Mandy*. Mandy, a Member Carer Worker, then goes on to recounts a few examples of pastoral encounters that had been less than ideal, to her supervisor, Heather*. “I listened for over an hour to Jessica* while she talked about changes that had to be made to her plans: the … Continue reading Listening well?


“I look at porn most days,” John* tells Dan*, his member care worker.   John is married to Shirley and they have two small children.  He and his family are applying to work cross culturally with a sending organisation that has a policy of not sending those with active pornography habits (John may not know … Continue reading Porn

Good Grief!

Ross* spoke enthusiastically,  “Our family’s time overseas was overwhelmingly positive and fruitful.  It was a difficult decision to leave Peru but we had a calm and planned return to Australia.  Deputation went smoothly; it was a valuable time saying goodbye to our supporters.”    Ross and his family had just landed back ‘home’ in Sydney, … Continue reading Good Grief!

Brain Fog

After serving overseas in fulfilling ministry for over 10 years, Ross* and his family returned to Australia from Peru*.  When he arrived, Ross was halfway through writing up a post-graduate thesis.  Based on his productivity in Peru, Ross fully expected to finish this writing within six months of their return. Soon after his arrival, Ross … Continue reading Brain Fog

Why did he do that?

Matt* graduated in 2013 with first class honours and began the application process for a mission agency at the end of that year. He and Cailey*, his wife, both had interviews in November of that year. Matt talked with the interviewer about some anger issues he used to have but stated that he had realised … Continue reading Why did he do that?

Theological Reflection Cycle

Reflective practitioners reflect on what they do in light of what other people have written about and experienced in similar situations.

The New Normal!

Sue* and Liz*, her Member Care Worker, chatted about how she was going.  Sue, her husband and three children were preparing to head off to work in India*. Sue had shared earlier that she had experienced significant anxiety and depression in her adolescence. When Liz suggested counseling to reflect on these past experiences, Sue’s body … Continue reading The New Normal!

The Blame game

Imagine if your husband’s burning desire all his life was to be a missionary! What if, because you became unwell – your whole family had to return to Australia? How would you deal with that? Who is to blame? How can we as Member Carer Workers care for them? John* had always wanted to be … Continue reading The Blame game