Dried up?

Marion* felt all dried up!   “Has God abandoned me?  I feel like God is very far away or maybe not even there at all?  I still go to church but it’s hard and I feel guilty about my lack of faith.  When I go to mission conferences, all the other ex-cross-cultural workers seem so … Continue reading Dried up?

Good Grief!

Ross* spoke enthusiastically,  “Our family’s time overseas was overwhelmingly positive and fruitful.  It was a difficult decision to leave Peru but we had a calm and planned return to Australia.  Deputation went smoothly; it was a valuable time saying goodbye to our supporters.”    Ross and his family had just landed back ‘home’ in Sydney, … Continue reading Good Grief!

Brain Fog

After serving overseas in fulfilling ministry for over 10 years, Ross* and his family returned to Australia from Peru*.  When he arrived, Ross was halfway through writing up a post-graduate thesis.  Based on his productivity in Peru, Ross fully expected to finish this writing within six months of their return. Soon after his arrival, Ross … Continue reading Brain Fog

The Blame game

Imagine if your husband’s burning desire all his life was to be a missionary! What if, because you became unwell – your whole family had to return to Australia? How would you deal with that? Who is to blame? How can we as Member Carer Workers care for them? John* had always wanted to be … Continue reading The Blame game